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Gift Cards


Plastic Thickness
$209.00 USD
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About Boguna Gift Cards

Custom gift cards are a powerful marketing tool and a thoughtful way to show appreciation to your customers or prospects. When you’re designing custom gift cards, a few choices can significantly influence their appeal and functionality. Here's a closer look at these options:

1. Stock Thickness

The thickness of the gift card stock is an essential factor in determining its durability and perceived value. You generally have two choices:

  • Standard Thickness: This is comparable to a typical credit card. It’s durable enough for regular handling and fits comfortably in wallets and cardholders. It's a good balance between cost-effectiveness and a quality feel.

  • Premium Thickness: A thicker card often feels more luxurious and sturdy, which can elevate the perceived value of the gift card. This option is excellent for exclusive or high-value offers, as it enhances the customer's unboxing experience and satisfaction.

2. Free Second Side Printing

The option for free printing on the second side of your gift cards allows for additional creativity and communication without extra costs. You can utilize this space in several ways:

  • Terms and Conditions: Use the second side to print the gift card's terms and conditions, such as expiration dates, applicable locations, or any restrictions, ensuring your customers are well informed.

  • Branding Opportunities: The extra space is perfect for reinforcing your brand. Consider adding your logo, brand colors, or a tagline. This not only makes the card more visually appealing but also aids in brand recognition and loyalty.

  • Personalized Messages: For businesses looking to make a more personal connection, the second side can be used to include a personalized message or a thank you note. This can make the gift card feel more special and tailored to the recipient.

  • Design and Artwork: Utilize the space for artistic elements or design that complements the front. This could be anything from a continuation of the front design to a standalone piece that enhances the overall aesthetic of the card.

Benefits of Custom Gift Cards

  • Customer Engagement: Gift cards can attract new customers, retain existing ones, and increase overall engagement with your brand.
  • Increased Sales: They often lead to higher sales, as recipients are likely to spend more than the value of the gift card when they visit your store or website.
  • Brand Awareness: Customized gift cards act as a marketing tool, spreading awareness of your brand as they are given and received.

When choosing the specifications for your custom gift cards, consider your audience and the message you want to convey. High-quality, well-designed gift cards can leave a lasting impression, making them an effective tool for customer appreciation and brand promotion.

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